Spring in bloom!

04/03/2014     Posted in

It`s here! Well, almost. Daffodils are bravely emerging and the plum trees are gorgeously showering those pale pink petals all over the local sidewalks. Our beehives are a flurry of activity - lots of baby bees on the way and the forager bees are intent on finding those early blooms. It promises to be an exciting spring - starting with Angela and Dave`s wedding - an explosion of pinks and greens in my cooler!

This past weekend I participated in a wedding workshop with Rene van Rems, a fabulous Dutch designer. In addition to Euro-style hand-tie bouquets, we created the latest trend in wedding flowers - cascading bouquets. These are not the stiff, unyielding bouquets of our grandparents’ era, but natural, flowing flowers with lots of movement. To be honest, there were a few moments of unbridled panic when trying to design a two-foot long waterfall bouquet and realizing I really only had two hands.

In May I’m off to Chalk Hills Farm in California for a Master Floral Class with Ariella Chezar. She’s known for arrangements done with lush, whimsical, garden-inspired style. (Martha Stewart, Oprah, Modern Bride…again, these are not your mother’s flowers!) I hope an iota of her talent rubs off - I think this style will be lovely for some of our local venues; we are, after all, the ‘City of Gardens’.

It just doesn't get any better in my world.

Welcome to Twisted Tulip

12/05/2013     Posted in Christmas, Seasons

Twisted Tulip has a website! And a new studio! A lot of hard work has gone into creating both (mostly on the part of Choli Design and Outlook Project Management) and I'm excited to be able to now show them to you. Heading into Christmas having the studio is a blessing - lots of airy space, a cooler room and tons of light! And a website to share flower photos, a perfect venue to show you what's possible - who can really describe that perfect bouquet with words?

The snow is falling, the bees are huddled up in the hives and all is well ... I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your families. And don't forget your Christmas flowers, of course!


Flowers accompany us throughout our lives - conveying diverse messages and filling us with extraordinary warmth and joy that can only be found in nature.

Twisted Tulip provides unique and beautiful floral expressions for every occasion while maintaining the highest quality service. From our North Saanich studio, we specialize in bouquets, table settings, ceremony venues, corporate events and flowers for the home.

We do what we do because we adore flowers!